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kayak @ blue lake July 31, 2008

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Tasik Biru or Blue lake was located at Kuang, Selangor Darul Ehsan. It is a nice place , has it’s own attraction with breathtaking  view that mesmerized the visitors for relaxation. People find here to have such activities like picnic, watersport, windsurfing and also playing kites. But  activities expecially kayaking, jet-skiing and surfing were the most popular water sport that can be found here.

I joined Rakan Muda Club in colloboration with canoe and rowing club from IIUM in Kayaking certification Exam known as STAR 1 and 2. Once u got both certs, u are certified to become a kayak tutor at school or college . Part of the requirement to be tested on that day were capsizing, rescuing, signing, etc which i’ve gone through before (but not for certification purpose). My target on that day was just kayaking around the lake and meet my old buddies and juniors , haven’t be met for quit a long time…..=) …


I can say that ,IIUM team in kayaking (sprint) nowadays can be proud of since they won medals in MASUM, Majlis Sukan Antara University -Inter University Sport-. The juniors really worked hard under new dedicated coach (Coach of Selangor) to be one of the competetive and challenging teams among other universities like University Malaya and UPSI (to mention few) which are already big name in this arena. So next time hopefully gold medal will be ours..(ours??? huhu )..caiyok!



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