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My now~my updates~ August 25, 2008

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1:55 am ~ 26th August 2008

First of all….lagi 5 hari sambutan hari kemerdekaan Malaysia ke 51!wah..dah mencecah separuh abad.Alhamdulillah..aku masih berkehidupan di bumi bertuah  sehingga kini.

Banyak yang aku nak luahkan di sini. Untuk memudahkan lagi ceritera , aku pecahkan kepada beberapa segmen (huhu cam program tv pulok!) ;P

Edaran KOmputer Sdn Bhd.

Dah hampir 2 minggu aku menamatkan tugasan di kompeni yang mula-mula menjadi tempat aku mencari rezeqi di samping menimba dan mencedok pengetahuan dan pengalaman di sana. I really miss those time when the ‘geng’ messing around with CMMI things + the FOSIM client keep chasing and commenting on the systems + hearing theSuper MickeyMouse talking about anything  he wants huhuh + huha and snapping photo out of sudden and the victims are those who belongs to CMMIteam.blogspot (really miss u guys) + and bla bla….=)

Prestariang Systems Sdn Bhd

This is my new company that i’ve worked for about 2 weeks. Still freshies..huhu. Thanks god the staff there were friendly and owned strong teamwork spirit even the SVPs also keep their hands dirty =). And i came in during the project’s time in peak hour and everything needs to be captured quickly. Drove along the way from Wangsa Maju to Cyber Jaya were quit hectic, and moving to Persint 9 is a very very good idea. Today is my last packing of things and starting tomorrow my daily life will begin at the strict of Putra/Cyber jaya ..can imagine what a boring life there huh!!!!!!huhu i’m gonna miss my alpha angel…isk isk…

Wangsa Maju, Block D

This is where i stayed for about 1 year. All the Struggling and hounting seeking for new tenant  for about 2 months to continue the rental were success at last. Alhamdulillah, we got back our deposit and the things become much more easier when everything about the rental is to be settled down before this coming Ramadhan. =) 


oklah time to sleep. The time is already 2.30 am….its raining outhere , and sleep is the right and the best activity during raining time hehe…expecially at night..what a bliss!!huhuhu…life must goes on..coz tomorrow never dies..insya allah!daaaa…..ZzzzZZzzzzz….



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